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How to fix? Replacement parts

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How to fix? Replacement parts

Post #1 by zacharyvv » Sun Mar 06, 2016 6:52 pm


My truck is rusting pretty bad in the cab corners. I'm not trying to get this old girl perfect by any means. I would like to just get it a bit better to prevent the wholes getting too big. I had a bit of a look at the floor panels in the cab and they seem to be in a decent shape.
So my question is how hard is it to fix up these cab corners?
Can I just cut them out and weld in replacements?
The box is ruined and I'm considering making it a flat bed or just seeing if I can source another box.

Thanks for your comments and ideas!
Ill post some pictures shortly

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Re: How to fix? Replacement parts

Post #2 by rbohm » Sun Mar 06, 2016 8:56 pm

you have options here;

1: you can use fiberglass to "fix" the holes. just clean off the metal until you get rid of the rust for the most part, then hit the area with some sort of rust converter, and then glass over the area.. after that sand, prime, fill, sand, paint.

2: the best option is to cut out the rust entirely, and weld in patch panels. patch panels are available from a few sources, check out LMC truck for good options there

3: you can make your own patch panels and weld them in place.
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Re: How to fix? Replacement parts

Post #3 by bubba22349 » Sun Mar 06, 2016 8:58 pm

:thumbup: Yes that is the very best way to fix them cutting out all the rusted out area up to where there is still some good metel left and then weld in the new corners. Good luck :nod:
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Re: How to fix? Replacement parts

Post #4 by zacharyvv » Tue Mar 08, 2016 8:14 am

Well I would like to give it a go making my own panels but these panels might be a bit out of my league for my first ones to try making! The cab corners on the outside are such a tight corner piece. Can you buy aftermarket boxes? Or is that a thing only people like me dream about? I'm assuming I'm going to be looking and searching for a clean box until pigs fly.

Saying that I might still go take a look at the local wreckers you never know.

Thanks for the help

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Re: How to fix? Replacement parts

Post #5 by CoupeBoy » Mon Mar 14, 2016 2:00 pm

Taking a look at your cab corner
Mine isn't quite that bad

I just ordered a repair panel from a company called 'Tabco', I have yet to install it.
Cab Corner 19Hx16W $17.95

I also ordered a pair of their wheel well repair panels for my box, both sides look the same.
Upper Rear Wheel Arch 39Lx14H $23.75

eventually I'll be ordering up their floor pans and front cab/bushing mounts.

Rust like that is common in Minnesota and the midwest where they use salt on the roads.
Where are you located?

I recently picked up a regular cab that has rust only in the passenger cab corner, cheap and free trucks are out there, you just need to look, watch, and wait.

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