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64 falcon safety

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64 falcon safety

Post #1 by falcon_master » Sun Dec 03, 2017 8:21 pm

Hi everyone I just had some questions regarding the safety of 64 falcon and what I can do about it. First of all I had an idea to put in 3 point seatbelts because I would much prefer those over just lap belts which leaves my face to smash into the steering wheel or dash. I was deciding between 3 point belt or 5 point harness. I think harness is safer but will A. Be much more difficult to install and B. Be extremely uncomfortable and annoying to look around in especially on long drives. My idea to put in 3 point was to run a steel bar in the top part of the bench seat and have it reinforced somehow to the from from the bottom. Then I connect lap belts as usual and for the shoulder belt I run it from inside the seat to the steel bar and the other end to the buckle. I know that's challenging and $$. But that aside will it even work. Will a 5 point even work for that matter. So any ideas on how to install those and keep the bench would be awesome because I love having bench seats. My second idea is to pad the dash or maybe even get a new dash out of shock absorbent material and to put a collapsible steering column so I don't break ever rib I have in the event of a crash and by making a makeshift crumple zone by knocking out a support beam in the engine bay and finding weak motor mounts so the engine will drop out and the whole hood becomes a crumple zone. I also want to make it safe for passengers because I would feel horrible if I got in an accident and I survived but someone else got seriously hurt because the car just can't be safe. Thanks everyone if it isn't possible to make this car safe I understand but I might have to look into a newer classic like 71+ that had some safety standards. Thanks
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Re: 64 falcon safety

Post #2 by rickwrench » Thu Dec 07, 2017 6:51 pm

You'd be far better off mounting the 3 pt. shoulder anchor into a fabricated plate welded into the convenient stamped hole on the upper part of the B pillar (behind the trim).
The B pillar is a very strong structural element, and will easily handle the force placed on the shoulder belt. I.e., 1200-1500 lbs of force in a typical 35mph front collision. Typical 2" seat belt webbing is usually rated at 5000lb. The seat back's attachment to the seat base is not designed to handle anything even close to those levels of force. Stock seat back and seat base frames are thin wall tube, usually brazed or welded, and joined together with stamped holes and a couple small bolts.

Lower belt anchors need to be attached to reinforced areas of the floor.
I mounted my shoulder belt spool anchors onto a plate welded to the bottom of the B pillar.

5 point shoulder belts are generally mounted to a -frame-mounted- hoop or roll bar structure behind the seat. This belt mounting bar needs to be at or slightly below shoulder level.

My 3 pt. install:

Other safety issues to address:
Single circuit brake booster. --> Upgrade to dual circuit.
Coupe, sedan, Mustang drop-in gas tank. --> Screw or bolt sheet metal barrier over trunk behind back seat.
Solid steering column (spear of death). --> Replace steering box/column with 67+ rag joint box/column with matching sector shaft (or aftermarket assy.).

Those are the main safety problems.
Some others include:
Dim headlights. --> Relays (+ halogens).
Drum brakes. --> Drill the drums.
Vacuum wipers.--> Upgrade to electric delay wipers using mid/late-70's F-series truck assy. and switches.

You can easily make the old Falcons quite a bit safer with very minimal $$$ investment.

'62 Falcon Wagons (x2), Kellison J5, V8 Alfa GTam, Corvair Corsa:

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Re: 64 falcon safety

Post #3 by powerband » Fri Dec 08, 2017 9:41 am

this is a good continuing conversation ...

Front shoulder belts are a minimum cost/benefit safety upgrade. Even lap belts dramatically improve safety and Ford did provide the floor pan ready. Early 70's Maverick/etc era lap/shoulder belts do not retract but are probably simplest to install , with no welding necessary .

have fun

'63 more-door wagon w/Mav' shoulder front belts, 3 pair lap belts in rear (under seat), dual MC, Halogens, Extinguisher accessible, wagons and SD's thankfully have separate gas tank under rear floor. .

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