Preparation H Resurection

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Preparation H Resurection

Post #1 by WorldChampGramp » Wed Jul 26, 2017 12:28 pm

Hi Everyone from Sunny Florida. Yes this is the World Champ Gramp Bruce Sizemore with a (help needed- request). I have decided to construct from scratch a very near replica of the infamous Preparation H Maverick. Former partner’s son Bob White Jr is searching for a suitable early 70's Maverick. I am in the process of gathering everything for a complete engine build. In am in urgent need of either a re-buildable '67-'84 300 short block or an equivalent complete engine assy. I can arrange and accept a commercial truck delivery to the Ft Myers, FL area or pay someone to deliver in lieu of commercial truck. Armed with the foregoing information some good hearted fan out there might be able to help. PM me with ENGINE SEARCH in the subject line to be certain I catch it.
Bless you One and All and never forget racers are unique people who in general are thinkers, doers and achievers if there were more people like us on the ubiquitous Planet our World would be a better place. See now I’m getting sentimental. Bruce :help:

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Re: Preparation H Resurection

Post #2 by CNC-Dude » Thu Jul 27, 2017 4:45 pm

Welcome aboard Bruce! Make sure you start a build thread with pics once you start. The is a lot of interest in builds that pay homage to notable race cars like that. I have several former Inline racers in my area that also raced the NHRA circuit in the same era you raced as well. I would like to reproduce one of their cars myself. :thumbup:

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