Drive train pulled/4 Sale

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Drive train pulled/4 Sale

Post #1 by chad » Mon Oct 09, 2017 9:48 pm

Just took a 170/3.03 (motor/transmission) out of a Bronco. I have a 33 yr history w/the components.

Engine is very quiet'n strong. It has 100K. Transmission is equiped w/a hurst 3 speed floor mounted shifter/linkage. Purchase would include all accessories/long block (i.e.: carb, exh mani, FW, dizzy, block plate, brand new starter, etc, etc).

I may keep the oil P/U, pan and rocker assembly only.
Please let me know if U can not purchase due to these 2 requirements and I may change them (U can have em outta another 250 engine). Will decide on that soon. Swaping out motor/transimis only (no drive shafts, clutch, etc, again...right now).

I have a v e r y inexpensive shipper referral for U if buying...ask @ that time.
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