200 six carbs for sale

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200 six carbs for sale

Post #1 by Charlie Cheap » Thu Aug 09, 2018 6:48 pm

Now that I have road tested my 206 with a 2 barrel I have two to sell. One is a 1100 I was running on my engine, the spark advance is sealed because I ran a later dizzy, but a new one can be screwed in if you have a load-a-matic. The other is a CARDONE replacement I never used, still in the box. Contact me at chasj43@gmail.com if interested. I am in the middle of a front-end rebuild on my 65 Mustang and installing a 1985 2.3 in a 67 Sunbeam Alpine. Not a problem...I'm only 75![image]1743[/image]

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