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big collection of 300 six parts.- all or none

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big collection of 300 six parts.- all or none

Post #1 by sdiesel » Tue Jun 09, 2020 2:31 pm

last year i advertised my collection of six stuff.
its still for sale, and a year has passed and still i have done nothing but add parts to the collection.
i will likely never get to this in a meaningful way.
so i offer everything for sale to someone with greater ambition, and opportunity than i have had to assemble at least 2 very bitchen engines.

partial list from memory:
3 fresh engine blocks, 2 virgin rebuilders with 4.00 holes needing only crosshatch hone. (1) .060 over block with zero hours
heads: 3 or 4 heads one a 240 head , the others, 300
cranks: one Forged steel (1) 240 crank (2) 300 cranks in cast; flywheels and flexplates
intakes (1) clifford (1) Offy " C " (1) factory log (1) efi with fuel rail and attachments.
exhaust (1) NOS HD manifold ceramic coated inside and out.never used (3) sets headers, unknown make, likely clifford (3) EFI exhaust , maybe just 2 sets. one factory y pipe.
bellhousings (2) one in aluminum one in cast
clutch new
ZF small block transmissions (2) one in 4x4 one in 2x4
one complete new rebuild (the .060 block) with hypers and nothing special. but will need rods resized. i fergot to do that when building it ten years ago never ran.
propane setup for 300 six: Impco, tank included if you wnat to haul it
cams: factory and one Schneider, i remember it a 140 H maybe. new in bag.
tin: lotsa tin.
motor mounts and towers,
i remember a turbo but will have to check if its still there
ignitions: various: MSD duraspark, and such. no hei ignitions
im not remembering all of it a genral idea gives you a better picture.
all cast parts are tanked , clean and painted stored with corrosion paper and taped up. most other parts are passably clean
several , q jet, holley or whatever just carbs, nothing special but i have two FISH carbs with adapters, that make a 300 six a monster. honestly the only reason i wanted a 300 originally was due to the amazing capabilities of these carbs.
now the hard part: pricing. I am open to negotiation but unwilling to fire sale this stuff. if there are honest and able offers i can consider.
im not a trader much, but i realize that cash is sometimes tight and the possible use of assets in lieu of cash is necessary you can call me or better text me with questions: five zero three seven 06.five 086
i can respond with photos and the like. if i remember other parts i can update as necessary this post.

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a long love affair with the 300 six.
my lastest and final fling is a fresh 300 in an 88 ford f350 dually 4X flatbed

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