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I killed my baby..

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I killed my baby..

Post #1 by dandead357 » Thu Feb 06, 2020 9:43 pm

1996 4.9L Eddie Bauer 2wd Burgundy and Chrome with a touch of tan will take you home.

Her name was Amelia Rodina.
I had her for 7 years and 70k+ miles. Tonight in Pontiac Michigan i slid on the snow and ice (front tires were about due) and i was doing 35 in a 35 but i got caught by the snow on the right side of the road. When that front right tire hit, it bent the Ibeam axle. Shoved the wheel backwards into the well, and probably jacked up the brand new control arm i put on her last february.

The engine is strong. She has oil lifter tick, with a minor oil leak up top at the valve cover, and has never failed me. The E4OD trans is fair still works but not in prim condition, shift lag.

218k miles oil change every 3k with motocraft filter and engine restore. Like a grandmother going to church religious about this, she was due tomorrow for the change.
1.5 inch front end lift with larger coil springs and new shocks all round.
Front end shock/spring mounts replaced.
Rear leaf springs upgraded to 1800 lb with new shackles.
Two new control arms (right one is shot)
New forward gastank with pump inside.
Exhaust/intake gaskets done.
smog was taken off years ago. i'm not pumping more crud into my head than what i suck in through the filter.
Just had the exhaust run from 2 to one 3 inch pipe out back hiflow cat and muffler from flowmaster.
I just put new front calipers rotors and pads on it last week.

Guys i love my rust bucket baby, and i can't stand the idea of a scrapper getting his filthy hands on her and crushing her. Someone please buy her from me and love that engine the way i did.. please. At the least pull the motor and parts and put them into some project or your girl. Im a heartbroken man who has to leave the straight six way of life because i have to have a work vehicle to do tile work with asap. Someone save my girl from the scrapyard.

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