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Noob '96 F150 Manual Trans Questions

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Noob '96 F150 Manual Trans Questions

Post #1 by davintosh » Fri Jan 26, 2018 12:38 pm

Hi all; new guy alert!

I bought my '96 F150 last October for next to nothing, and it runs great but is not without its issues. One that came up with a cold snap just before Christmas (I live in sunny South Dakota) is a weepy slave cylinder in the transmission. At first I was thinking I'd just swap in a fresh slave and be done with it, but then learned that the slave is actually integrated with the throw out bearing, and wraps around the input shaft, and changing it involves dropping the transmission. Crap. That doesn't sound like much fun in the middle of winter.

I've been milking a little more life out of it by keeping the reservoir filled and bleeding it when needed, but I'll need to pull the trigger on that job sometime soon. I'm thinking it would be nice to do away with the internal slave cylinder altogether, and with the Mazda-built transmission as well, replacing it with a trans from an earlier model that used an external slave cylinder. But I really don't have a lot of experience with these beasts, so I don't even know what to look for.

Are there other manual transmissions that will bolt up to the 300 Six that don't have the troublesome internal slave/throwout bearing? What trucks/cars used them?

Thanks for any insight or experience you might have to share.

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Re: Noob '96 F150 Manual Trans Questions

Post #2 by Shorty » Sat Jan 27, 2018 8:40 pm

my 83 f150 has a four speed manual that is an overdrive tranny with a removable bell and an external slave hyd. clutch set up. I had it up on the hoist today and measured because i want to put in a M5OD that I have. They are both the same long. In your case I would consider just replacing the slave cyl with a quality new part. The bearing and slave cyl can be had for less than the price of a replacement tranny and either way you are looking at pulling the tranny out.
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Re: Noob '96 F150 Manual Trans Questions

Post #3 by tnab1970 » Mon Feb 19, 2018 10:35 am

ALl of those truck from '87 up came with slave cylinder type transmission. you could switch to a NP435 with any SBF based bell housing and manual clutch pressure plate setup. However I would opt for just replacing the slave cylinder and master cylinder at the same time. And use Hi-Quality replacement parts. Just my two cents

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Re: Noob '96 F150 Manual Trans Questions

Post #4 by chero1369 » Wed Feb 21, 2018 3:47 pm

Went through this with my son's 96. 4 T.O's in 18 mos.all made in china.Expletives filled the air!
If you are patient,you can find a ZF-42 from behind a windsor(302/351) or maybe a 300(very rare).T he only thing tougher than a zf is a t18 IMO and I don't use a granny gear.
MY swiss cheese memory tells me that this ZF was only around for maybe 2 yrs,and only on 3/4 tons.ALSO found Timken US made bearings
for TO and pilot.
Small differences,Zf bolts starter from both directions,just helicoil the unthreaded starter bolt hole.And the yoke is not a slip yoke.
His short bed required us to go from a u-joint to a slip spline from a 2 piece drive shaft.Trans was longer,so something was going to be cut anyway.He would enter a Mack in a SCCA race.But it's holding up to his abuse,and I do mean abuse.
I also put a toplader in a 95 behind a 300,just used a 60's bellhousing.Went real oldschool.Bellcrank,rods,etc.I told him if I never see a slave cylinder again it'll be too soon.And yes,I heavily modified a hurst shifter for it.
Or you can put in a 3 speed 3.03.And,if you refrain from dragging truck loads,you can use a T5.
Just stay away from the Orion T&C.had 2 of them.I thought they would be geared like the toploader they resemble.No, they are set up with 1st being a granny gear,2nd being more like 1.5,3rd gear was as fourth.4th gear was .76 overdrive.
of course I do this for fun and mental gymnastics.And then you end up telling the parts counter moneys"let's PRETEND it's a carb gasket for a pinto, a yellow speedometer gear for 90 mustang and some spare LED'S for instruments.

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Re: Noob '96 F150 Manual Trans Questions

Post #5 by broncr » Tue Aug 21, 2018 7:00 pm

I swapped the T-18 out of my 82 Bronco. It doesn't have a "slave" - just "old school" manual clutch linkage.

I stuck in a T-19, out of a late 70's 6.8 diesel. That gave me a synchro'd 1st. It was a straight in swap - drop out the T-18, stuff in the T-19. All measurements were the same - no mods, whatsoever - exact same driveshaft. The t-19 had the "4 something" 1st gear - which makes it run like a street car. If you come across a T-19 with the "5 something 1st gear, I'd trade you mine - the 4:1 1st is a tiny bit tall for my Bronco, on 31's.

'Not sure that will help with yer 90's truck, but may give you something else to consider.
'82 FSP Bronco. Just about every mod ever mentioned. ( Too much to list - or remember...)

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