Youll never guess what I fell onto one day...

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Youll never guess what I fell onto one day...

Post #1 by crackdhead » Fri Dec 30, 2016 10:14 pm

Im not one for suspense so Ill just blurt it out a big block dodge engine!!!

Now its nothing to special its just an industrial 413 BUT its only got 660 some odd hours on it now its got some mechanical issues I think but still...

I dont know what exactly Ill do with it and from the info Ive gathered its got around 6.5:1 compression so I figure if anything turbos should hopefully help that and Im thinking hey if I do ever use it and turbo it maybe I can get around 500 hp out of it I know totally un-efficiently but still ya know I figure even 400 hp should probably be enough for me I guess as long as the price point stays under a couple thousand dollars... Right?

Just thought Id share :beer:

Oh and sorry guys but I am a fan of dodges :oops: .... Haha

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