General Interest - 7 1/4" Rear Ends

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General Interest - 7 1/4" Rear Ends

Post #1 by Ashley47 » Thu Nov 29, 2018 9:29 pm

Whilst digging around my accumulated mess of parts I came across not 1 but 3 carriers for the 7 1/4". So I lined the up (with the Non-Locking 2 pinion from my car) for a group photo.
2 Equalocks, 1 x 2 pinion Non Locking and 1 x 4 Pinion Non Locking.

The 2 equalocks are strange creatures as one is U.S made the other Canadian. The inner dish is machined slightly different on both, the steel of the Canadian carrier is a little thicker, plus the Canadian one has an oil slinger whereas the U.S model doesn't. Both take a 2 1/2" pin for the pinion shaft which is different to the non lockings cases which take a 2 1/4" pin. The pin hole on the Canadian equalock has been countersunk possible due to the difference in thickness of the steel.
The 4 pinion case requires the 4211 C1DZ-4211-A 4 pinion kit for supporting the 4 spider gears.

Anyhow, just a bit of useless information which I wanted to share.


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Re: General Interest - 7 1/4" Rear Ends

Post #2 by bmbm40 » Fri Nov 30, 2018 7:35 pm

Good information. You have some nice parts available.
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