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Wheel bearings

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Wheel bearings

Post #1 by Georgia200 » Sun Feb 10, 2019 11:23 am

I bought a set of loaded 10x 2.25 front drums for my 67. The PO wasnt sure what year they came off of, thinks it was 65-69 range. He has so many Mustang parts he is having trouble keeping things sorted out.

They have been sitting in my garage for about a month while I work on the rear end. This weekend I got around to looking them over.

The drums and hubs look pretty new, backing plates are in great shape, but blue instead of black, hardware looks good, the edges of the shoes have some issues so I bought new 10x2,5 shoes from RockAuto. Im pretty sure there is room for the wider shoes. At $16 for the pair, I bought new wheel cylinders as well. I already bought new hoses.

My issue is teh wheel bearings. The bearings in there are L00140 and LM12749. I have no idea what those are for, but I dont think they are p/n's for a Mustang.

I bought a set of A2 and A6 bearings + grease seals. Are those correct for a 67 Mustang spindle?

My plan is to tear everything down, repaint the backing plates, make new gaskets and reassemble.

I will go from 9in power 4 lug to 10in power 5 lug. 3.20 gears to 2.79 gears.

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Re: Wheel bearings

Post #2 by Georgia200 » Sun Feb 10, 2019 9:43 pm

Been a long day of digging info out of the net.

The LM p/n is an Autozone number. Why AZ has to have their own P/N's is beyond me. It just muddles things up.

My hubs are 1970 Mustang, not 65-69 as the PO thought they were.

Luckily, they are the pretty much the same as the 65-69 hubs, they will work in my 67 with 67 races and bearings.

My backing plates are blue, I was going to leave them but decided as long as I was tearing the brakes down, I may as well paint them black. I used a wire cup on my 4" grinder and once the paint was off, saw the backing plates are pretty rusty. I hate it when people paint over rust. I have them soaking in ospho, tomorrow I will hit them again with the wire wheel. If that doesnt get the rust, they will get a quick acid bath, then back into the ospho.

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