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1964 2 door falcon base restoration with 144 3 speed

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1964 2 door falcon base restoration with 144 3 speed

Post #1 by falcon_master » Fri May 12, 2017 11:10 pm

[Hi guys my name is Jacob I am almost 16 and got a 1964 falcon 2 door base with a 144ci and 3 speed manual with on 20,000 miles for a steal. Only had to do a few days chores. It was driving about 8 years ago but it then got parked outside one night and was forgot about. Any advice on how to rebuild it and cheap methods thanks.

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Re: 1964 2 door falcon base restoration with 144 3 speed

Post #2 by B RON CO » Sat May 13, 2017 9:44 am

Hi, thats a tough question. I assume most guys have some basic tools and some experience and ability. The most important thing is to work safe. Remember good brakes are very important. I would bring the brakes up to perfect working condition right after you get is running. Good luck
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Re: 1964 2 door falcon base restoration with 144 3 speed

Post #3 by bubba22349 » Tue May 16, 2017 12:23 pm

:beer: congrats on acquiring the 1964 Falcon! X2 I agree the brakes as well as tires are very important, so do work on getting those in good safe operating condistion. Brake parts are usally inexpensive if you have a NAPA parts house near you you can get good quality parts, some other parts sources are also very good with good name brand brake parts. Sometimes you can find good used tires very reasonable too. If your Falcon is very low miles it may not need all that much to get it running good. Start by pulling the plugs and squirting a few shots of oil into the cylinders and then let it set then squirt a few more etc. then after doing that a few times try turning the engine over a little with a socket on the crankshaft bolt to see if it will move. In between start cleaning up all the electrical wiring connections and the grounds. If it's been setting that long you will also need a good or new battery many parts house will test a battery, generator, or starter for free so take advantage of that service. The fuel tank will also need the old fuel drained and then cleaned real good. The carb will need to be cleaned up too and likely a new kit installed. Change the oil and filters too before you try to start it. You might need a basic repair manual if you have a Library near you that's sometimes a good source for manuals. I or one of the other site members can help you with tune up specs to get you started, you will probally need to clean or replace the spark plugs, points, and plug wires. Take some pictures of everthing together so as you work on it you will have references to put it back together again. Let's us know how your doing and if you need some more help. Good luck :nod:
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