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adapters for a 6r80 in a 250 Bronco?

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adapters for a 6r80 in a 250 Bronco?

Post #1 by bmbm40 » Tue Oct 24, 2017 8:10 pm

66 Bronco-1970 250, NV3550, DSII, 4 turn ps, uncut, 1" bl, 2.5" sl, front disc, twin stick D 20, 30 x 9.50
NEXT- direct mount 1.08 on D8 head, power brakes, rear limited slip, 3G, electric fan, electric upgrades, custom curved DSII, header, 31" tires

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Re: adapters for a 6r80 in a 250 Bronco?

Post #2 by chad » Wed Aug 08, 2018 12:37 am

no thnx.

Wanna stay away frm puters in da rig.

C4 is great!
Least parasitic of the autos.

In some apps the AOD...

I'm even not goin to the ZF-5 due to the hydro clutch
(alto every other thing - but weight, I like beddah den my/your NV).
Lower 1st, two PTOs, etc
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Chad - '70 LUEB on '77 frame (i.e. PS, D44, trapezoidal BB 9", 4.11), 250, NV 3550 & DSII to B transplanted, "T" D20/PTO, 2" SL, 1" BL, 4 discs, 33"X15", tool boxes, etc. Seeking: Hydraulic gear motor for Koenig pto. (413) 259-1749

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Re: adapters for a 6r80 in a 250 Bronco?

Post #3 by 66WarPony » Wed Aug 08, 2018 9:25 am

bmbm, I'm sure it can be done but sounds like an awful lot of work. Just go 4R70W with manual valve body. Eliminate all the computers.
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