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1968 Ford F250 with 4.9 ltr six

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1968 Ford F250 with 4.9 ltr six

Post #1 by spider » Sun Feb 10, 2019 12:17 pm

Howdy all, I just picked up a 1968 Ford F250 with the 300 cu. in. six and 4 speed transmission. It has the Dana 60 rear axle with 4:10 ratio. The engine runs good but doesn't seem to have much power in the hills. My question is, it has the original 240 stock carb on it. Is that carb jetted too small for the bigger six? And it has the stock fuel injection Dura spark distributor in it. Would the advance curve be okay for this carb set up? It has vacuum advance and the vacuum line comes off of the carb base.

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Re: 1968 Ford F250 with 4.9 ltr six

Post #2 by THE FRENCHTOWN FLYER » Sun Feb 10, 2019 3:59 pm

The carb probably does not need re-jetting unless you are above 5000 ft altitude then I'd go back off the part throttle rod adjustment rod about a quarter turn and maybe a jet or two leaner. What it could use is a bigger carb, either an original 300 carb or a 2V upgrade.
I don't think trying to use the 240 carb vacuum port will be ideal with a Duraspark (BTW, EFI engines did not use a Duraspark) because it is intended for the Load-a-matic points distributor. But better than nuttin as long as the 240 carb stays.

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Re: 1968 Ford F250 with 4.9 ltr six

Post #3 by BigBlue94 » Sun Feb 10, 2019 6:27 pm

I love me some 68/69 Ford pickups!

As noted, the duraspark2 distributor ceased to be used after 82, when they went to an electronic control carb and subsequent distributor. The duraspark2 works great when wired properly. Many of the 83-85 guys swap back to the DS2 because it allows swaping carbs out to 4bbls and tuning.

A good two barrel motorcraft 2100 carb and an intake swap along with swapping to the efi exhaust manifolds and good exhaust will wake that 300 up proper! Or go all the way to a small 4 bbl!
1985 Bronco. 309ci I6, NP435, 4.56 gears, Detroit locker and tru-trac, 4" lift, and 37" swamper tires. The 309 is 9.75:1 CR with a Schneider 140H cam, 4bbl, roller rockers, larger valves, and headers.

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Re: 1968 Ford F250 with 4.9 ltr six

Post #4 by sdiesel » Mon Feb 11, 2019 9:56 pm

I drove a crazy 68 .75 ton for a long while.
the FISH carb, if u can find one, is more thrills than a could be legal.
they bolt on the factory manifold too.
a long love affair with the 300 six.
my lastest and final fling is a fresh 300 in an 88 ford f350 dually 4X flatbed

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