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Edelbrock avs2 1901

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Edelbrock avs2 1901

Post #1 by F-250 Restorer » Tue Jul 09, 2019 11:03 am

I wonder if anyone is running this carb. And, if so, do you have a header? I had heat problems in the past and wanted to find out if others are having this problem with this carb.

I'm impressed with this carburetor. It has taken two classic carbs and taken the best from each and combined them: The fuel metering system of the highly tuneable Quadrajet (with metering rods and jets, and adjustable secondary air flap) and the Autolite 2100, 4100, Summit 600vs (with annular fuel boosters).

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Re: Edelbrock avs2 1901

Post #2 by MechRick » Wed Jul 10, 2019 6:15 pm

I had the original version (Carter AVS) on a 340 Duster.

The bowl is very similar to the AFB, and I have had heat issues with those with a header. Tried the thick Ford 4bbl isolator, didn't help. A sheet metal heat shield between carb and intake might have done the trick, never got around to trying that.

Ended up switching to a Holley.
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F-250 Restorer
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Re: Edelbrock avs2 1901

Post #3 by F-250 Restorer » Wed Jul 10, 2019 8:55 pm

I ran a Hedman long tube header with a DP intake. That put the primaries right over the header. I tried an Autolite 4100 and the Summit carb. Both had heat problems in summer. I even tried an aluminum sheet heat shield, which didn't help. Now that I've switched to a C intake with Clifford shorty headers, the Edelbock carb would put one bowl out over the header again, if mounted in the traditional C configuration, and that makes me leery. I really like the tuning characteristics and annular discharge of the Eddy, which combines the best features of the Quadrajet with those of the classic 4100. However, I'd rather not invest $450 in a carb and tune kit if there are going to be issues.

And yes, I too ended up with a Holley. I don't know if it is the material they are made of, or the design of the bowls, but they seem less prone to heat problems.

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Re: Edelbrock avs2 1901

Post #4 by Max_Effort » Wed Jul 10, 2019 9:51 pm

If I was worried about heat, I’d be looking at the Street Demon with its phenolic main body.

It’s a good working carb... on V8’s anyway.

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Re: Edelbrock avs2 1901

Post #5 by guhfluh » Thu Jul 11, 2019 1:42 pm

I really want to try a Street Demon. I'm still using the basic Edelbrock 500 without tunable secondaries. I've put a 1" insulated spacer on in place of an aluminum one I had on and I didn't see any benefit. I still get boil over after a hot shut down. I don't have issues with it while it's running though, no vapor lock, etc. So, that is why it has stayed, because it's had much better drivability than the Holley 600 and 390 that I have. I'd love to sell or trade them all for a Street Demon though.
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F-250 Restorer
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Re: Edelbrock avs2 1901

Post #6 by F-250 Restorer » Sun Jul 14, 2019 11:14 am

I have been reading about vapor lock. There are a few vids on youtube about resolving the issue. Much of the problem is from fuel being heated up while standing still in the lines. Some of the owners have installed a fuel return system, so new, cooler, non boiling fuel is pushed through when the engine turns or the ignition is turned.

I was planning on mounting the avs2 as I would mount a carb on a DP intake. That way the fuel bowl is not hanging over the intake to be cooked by the header below.

With the Clifford shorty header and a holley, I haven't experienced vapor lock yet, but so far the temps have not risen to the 100* level where I experienced it before.

Regarding the Street Demon: I'm sure it is a fine carb. However, I would not purchase one simply due to heat being an issue. If a person has enough heat to warrant getting that carb, then their fuel is boiling in their line too. The carb alone won't solve the problem.

Although the SD is nice, I believe I would go with the Edelbrock avs2. The annular boosters are a plus, add to that the ease of changing the metering rods and springs, and it seems to add up to a more pleasing carb.

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