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Y Pipe For EFI Exhaust Manifolds For 72 Model Year

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Y Pipe For EFI Exhaust Manifolds For 72 Model Year

Post #1 by Red72FarmTruck » Thu Oct 03, 2019 3:08 pm

I lucked onto a pair of EFI manifolds for my 72 with the 240 I am getting rebuilt. The pipes after the manifolds were not worth salvaging. I saw online that Walker makes a Y pipe to hook up to these and found a part number. My only wonder is if that pipe will work on a 1972 model? I saw a few articles that suggested it may not.

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Re: Y Pipe For EFI Exhaust Manifolds For 72 Model Year

Post #2 by BigBlue94 » Thu Oct 03, 2019 5:22 pm

I cant comment on fitment.

But usually, the Walker tailpipes are terribly engineered from a flow perspective. Bends are always the crinkle kind, and the pipes often merge at a right angle. More like a T pipe...

Walker makes much of the exhaust for factory applications. It's good quality, but not the best for squeezing every bit of power out of the engine.

If you have a welder, it's not hard to make your own.

My 300 has long tube headers, but they still merge into a single 3" pipe. And cat


Then you'll be a pro and can do the tail pipe too. You can buy mandrel bends from the online parts warehouses. I've done two full systems, and both came out under $350, including mufflers. The cat on the bronco was another $100 or so. I had a shop do one system about 15 years ago, and it was over $500, without mufflers.


I just bought the stuff to do a cat-back on my 08 f350. Including the borla muffler, I'm under $200, using some pipe I have left over too.
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Re: Y Pipe For EFI Exhaust Manifolds For 72 Model Year

Post #3 by guhfluh » Thu Oct 03, 2019 6:59 pm

The Walker Y pipes are crinkle bent and the merge angle isn't the greatest, but still reported to work well. In some they also have a lot of material blocking the merge section that wasn't cut out of the pipe before the other one that is merging in is welded on. People just reach in with a grinder and open the hole to what it should be.

I can probably say that it isn't going to be a direct fitment unless it's 4wd. It won't need much modifying IF it does need any, but the end that goes around the transmission and over the cross member might need some slight working to fit without hitting either spot. The Walker may not even extend that far back. I purchased a stainless Magnaflow Y pipe with catalyst for my 67 and it did not fit directly in those locations. I simply cut it short of where it was hitting and brought the truck to the exhaust shop with the cut off piece. They were able to bend it just slightly enough to fit and put it back on with a wide band clamp for future removal, while welding the rest to the exhaust behind it.
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Re: Y Pipe For EFI Exhaust Manifolds For 72 Model Year

Post #4 by sdiesel » Wed Oct 30, 2019 12:03 am

waste no money on the walker. do as big blue did.
The merge collector is a wonderful invention. buy your parts and slowly , carefullly stitch it together. his is lovely in the photos. One other area-reversion tubes. on my diesel i built a system similar to the big blue. Reversion is black art, but i guessed, and when my 2.5 merge collecter went into the three-inch exhaust i was able to add a bit of reversion tube in there to hopefully aid in that problem.
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