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This website is dedicated to inline enthusiasts looking for ways to update and/or modify Ford's “small block” (144/170/200/250ci) and “big block” (240/300ci) inline six-cylinder engines. These great little motors have been overlooked for many yearsl, and what little knowledge there is, has been sparse and hard to find. Until now.....

Over the years, we’ve amassed quite a bit of experience with Ford inline six cylinder engines, including those from Australia and Argentina. Our forum is also the web’s only place for antique Ford sixes, such as the Flathead six and the 215/223ci inline sixes. We also have sections for those Orphan Inlines which were produced by GM, Rambler, Packard, Hudson, Pontiac, Jeep, and so on.

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Disclaimer: The advice and opinions expressed in within these forums, are those of the authors and not necessarily those of the administrators and/or moderators of Ford Six Performance. Any modifications or repair to a motor vehicle should be done under the supervision of a licensed mechanic. Ford Six Performance and/or Classic Inlines, accepts no responsibility for any damage, malfunction, accident, and/or injury, caused by any advice or procedure posted on this site. Any modification to your motor, drivetrain, or your vehicle, is at your own risk. Ford Six Performance and/or Classic Inlines are not liable in any way for any type written errors within this website/forum. Under no circumstances, shall Ford Six Performance and/or Classic Inlines, or the forum administrators and/or moderators, be held liable for indirect, incidental, or consequential, damages or injuries.

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