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    Alternator Misalignment - Next Steps??

    76' maverick - i6 250 w/AC (links in paragraph to parts used) I have had issues with wearing/squealing/snapping on my V-belt connected to my alternator/water pump/harmonic balancer pulley. I recently replaced the water pump, water pump pulley, and alternator. The water pump and harmonic...
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    250ci Alternator Misalignment - Next steps??

    76' maverick - i6 250 w/AC (links in paragraph to parts used) I've had a problem with V-belts wearing and snapping. I replaced a warped pulley and water pump shaft as well as got a new alternator. I am now realizing my alternator pulley is misaligned to the water pump and harmonic balancer...
  3. Crustang to Mustang

    250ci Crossflow Head on a Pre-Crossflow 250ci HP Gain

    What is the performance gain of bolting a crossflow head on a pre-crossflow block?
  4. Crustang to Mustang

    All Small Six "Raisin' Hood"

    I have about a 1/2 in. of clearance between my stock 250ci and my '66 Mustang hood. Solutions?
  5. Crustang to Mustang

    All Small Six Are Twin Turbos Too Much?

    I really want to get some dual outlet headers for my 250ci but I wouldn't be able to run a single turbo with 2 pipes (tell me if I'm wrong). So I got to thinking. If I got the dual outlet manifold from Aussiespeed and installed dual 2bbl carbs, could I twin turbo a 250ci or would I blow the engine?