cylinder head

  1. Crustang to Mustang

    250ci Crossflow Head on a Pre-Crossflow 250ci HP Gain

    What is the performance gain of bolting a crossflow head on a pre-crossflow block?
  2. willstuff

    FOUND Aussie 250 Head or CI/VI head for my 200 block

    Hello friends. I know they're very hard to find but I'll just leave this here anyway: I'm looking to improve the performance of my 200ci and an aussie or aluminium head would be a great mod. If anyone is selling theirs, or knows somebody who is, I'd love to talk to them. Thank you.
  3. Small Six Cylinder Head Swaps

    Small Six Cylinder Head Swaps

    Original Source: First, let start by saying that all 144, 170, 200, & 250ci heads are interchangeable.... and while the valve size, chamber size (cc's), and intake/port volumes (cc's) changed over the years, all of the small six cylinder heads will...
  4. Flow Testing the "Log" Cylinder Heads

    Flow Testing the "Log" Cylinder Heads

    This tech article is a "work in progress". Information will be added as it becomes available. Over the past few years we've flow tested several Australian 250-2V cylinder heads, as well as our own Aluminum cylinder heads. However we've always wondered how the cast iron "log heads" stacked up...