170-200 clutch questions

bob emmerich

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Are they different sizes? Would I be able to use the 200 on a 170? Or better yet, what is the largest dia. clutch I can use on a 170(64.5 Mustang if it makes a difference). Thanks, Bob
It will depend on your bell housing. If you have the original bellhousing, you are stuck with the 8.5" recessed flywheel and that limits you to that one size clutch. If you have later bellhousing (66+) then you can use a larger clutch. Al knows more about it. Be sure to read up on the drivetrain page.

Slade knows the routine 8)

The is your flywheel


The clutch surface is recessed into the flywheel, which limits your clutch size to 8 1/2".

I've learned much from you Al...any chance your offer to help with the T-5 still stand? Looks like I'll bemoving to Taunton and I'm putting off the the T-5 project until then.

O.K.-I have a flywheel that looks like that, but I also have a flywheel that is off a 200 that looks solid all around. My question is this: Since I'm having a hard time finding a 8-1/2" clutch, would I be able to use the 9" clutch/flywheel off of the 66 200 on my 64.5 170?
I have bellhousings for both. I'm worried about balance and fit.
Or does anyne know where I can get a 8-1/2" clutch for under the prices I've seen of 350.00-500.00?

The first thing to check is your block. If you have a C5 or earlier block, then you have a single-pattern block that will only accept the smaller flywheel and bellhousing


If you have a C6 and later block, then you have the dual pattern block which accepts the larger flywheel and larger bell. You can't mix-and-match flywheels and bells, unfortunately.


Clutch disks shouldn't be that much, I wouldn't think.

Now, if you want to use the V8 tranny and you can't use the larger bellhousing, then I can make the adapters that will allow you to mount any tranny behind the 6cyl bell (I have over a dozen 6cyl bells and several trannies in the garage that I can take dimensions from to make the adapters).

To use the V8 tranny, then you use the clutch disk from an 80's 4-cyl Mustang. It offers the 8 1/2" disk with the proper spline for the V8 tranny.

Slade, I'm up for anything :)

I have a C4 block. I checked, it's the shorter deck block. I guess I'll have to find a clutch(Somewhere). Maybe I'll just keep the non-stock automatic that's in there now. I would really prefer to have the car in stock condition, though.
So, I take it that you are looking to install the 2.77 into the car?

I'll look around, I think that I have one or two new clutch disks still floating around in the loft.

Yes, I'm thinking of putting the 2.77 back where it belongs. I spent the last few months trying to get the necessary parts. Now I need the clutch pedal(working on it ) and the 8-1/2" clutch assembly(PP/Disc/TO bearing). Definately need the clutch more, though.
Hey, how much would you be willing to give for the 8.5" Clutch/Pressure Plate/Throwout Bearing combo? Clutch and Throwout bearing are new unused, pressure plate will probably need to be resurfaced
The whole problem is, I bought the car with an automatic, the data plate states it's supposed to be a 3-speed. There is even the brackets under the dash and on the frame for the pedals/equalizer. I don't have any of the clutch components(PP/TO/DISC) and trying to find them is almost like finding the proverbial "Hens' Teeth". I did manage to secure a decent used flywheel/pedal set-up. So I guess I'll just leave the auto and bite the bullet.