188 and 221's: CostaRica,Argentina,Puerto Rico


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Guys, tell us all about the SP, ME and single venturi six cylinder engines.

I was reading a few old power team manuals from 1990 and 1983.

1. :argie: :unsure:: Is it true that Torino-based Ford LTD's were built with 221 (3.6 liter) sixes and 292 (4.8 liter) Y-blocks until the mid 1980's.

2. :argie::unsure:: Is it true the last Falcons were 3.6 liter Max Econo?

3. :argie::unsure:: When was last 188 (3.1) made.

4. :CR::argie::pR: :unsure:: The light weight and solid engineering of the 188/221 engines is well known, but how many were made in South America?

5. :unsure:: Was it made only in :argie: How many were exported to other South American assembly lines for other cars?

I like the way the are set up, and would like to know more about these engines.
I will try to get you some more info, but this is what I know so far:

The last Falcons were powered by a 3.0 liter Max Econo engine. IIRC, the 3.6 engine came with a ME head on the Ford F100 truck, until the mid 90's.

The argentine Falcon was exported to a number of countries, including Cuba and Uruguay. There is no report of argentine engines being sold to foreign countries, at least not to my knowledge.

The Falcon was one of the best selling cars here (490.000 were built from 1963 until 1991).

And yes, the argentine Ford Fairlane was equipped with those engines. In fact, I know that they also made a fase II 292 V8, and I have heard of a fase III too. That engine was also used on a number of trucks.
To my knowledge there are no Argi Falcons or engines here, I could be wrong there are lots of cars still tucked away in the proverbial "barn", so to speak. A friend of my had an export Mustang, possibly imported from Mexico (never confirmed) and most of the other American iron was brought in from the States in the mid to late 70's. Altough it would be hard to account for sixes since most of the Detroit car fans don't have respect the inline six family. matter of fact none of my "Mustang" friends knew about the SP/ME or 250 2V....

Thanks guys!

My next question is..where's the tooling for your SP/ME heads?. Normally, the casting diesand green sand boxes are cast aside in the corner of a factory until they get scrapped. Wouldn't an aluminum version of this head be a huge export earner? Already the Aussie cross-flow looks like it may be a cost effective fit for a US block. The alloy head cross -flow is 23kg lighter than the cast iron cross-flow Australian 3.3/4.1 liter engines cylinder head. Quite a saving!

Your ME and SP heads have less height than the Aussie 250 2V because of the lower intake ports at a flatter angle. Doesn't the basic casting look like it will package very well on a US Mustang?
There is a foundary in Argentina making new reproduction 221 SP heads. I would bet that they got a hold of Ford's old casting cores. Martin inquired and they said they could do heads in aluminum. The problem is investment. We can barely see organization for a group purchase of rocker arm shafts. I'd hate to see the participation level for a $3500 aluminum head.

Besides, the Krogdahl head already fills that niche in the market (what little market there is). IIRC $3500 US get's you a new DOHC aluminum head from Oz that can work on a US block...
I hear you.

The thing is, if someone wanted a DOHC I6 in there Ford they'd get a Toyota Landcruiser4.5 liter I6, Toyota DOHC Supra or Jag DOHC engine surely. Imagine the actual cost of a scratch built DOHC I6 with Aussie parts? I'm not knocking the idea at all, it just isn't cost effective. Where is the Twin Cam Lotus head designed for the Cortina/Escort/Kent pushrod engine? It was light alloy, DOHC, and boosted the HP rating over 45 on a 85 hp stocker. They aren't plentiful, and they were standard production pieces on a car most people could afford.

I am certain the future of I6 144/170/200/221/250 engines is with a cheap aluminum head or even just a new cast head. What's needed is some good ol' American aggression. A 2-Bbl, triple carb or EFI ME, SP or 2V head would make any-ones jaw drop!

A cammer is just wildness for the rich!