1984 Ford 2.3L powered Bronco II


Hey Rick, I need some help with the 1983 MCU Ranger and Mustangs carb 2.3 ignition system. Is it TFi?

IIRC, With respect to carb A code 2.3 Mustangs, for one year, the 1983 2.3 carb had a different ignition system, with the feedback 2-bbl 2.3 liter carb now downgraded to a 1-bbl 2.0/2.3 Ranger MCU and 4.9 Ford truck 1 bbl carb, because the feedback system was required to run the Manual stock shift cars through California emissions.

The VW style upshift light was an add on, not integrated to the MCU.

The ignition is a modified 1983 Duraspark with MCU, same as the Ranger that year. After that, depending on state, they progressed to an EEC-IV for 1985, behind a panel down by the passenger footwell.
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gotta B last of the carbs, no?
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