2V...2V...2V...what about argie?



yea, i've been wanting to get one of the foreign cylinder heads for quite some time now; all i have been hearing about are these 2v heads, if i remember right, arent there some cylinder heads from argentina that are supposed to be even better than these?

i'm hearing that these 2Vs are becoming rare as rocking horse droppings or something like that.... so why not just go with the argentinan heads, im sure there are suppliers around here

another question is if these argie heads are available, what carb configuration are they available in?

The Argies are better in that they have a removable intake and a closed chamber design. IIRC stock intake is a Holley 2bbl pattern. The heads are superior to the Aussie head in that they have a seperate exhaust port instead of the siamesed port on the US and Oz head.

Downside is that you will probably need to have a I6 header modified. A new flange to match the different exhaust port configuration will be needed then you can probably have the stock inline six header mated to the new flange.

The Aussie head was only available in the early 70's and even then werent real common. The Argie head has the benefit of still being in production and benefitting from newer technologies.

If I didnt already have a Oz 250-2v head I would go for the Argie head.

Now fo rthe next problem. They are available but exporting them to the US is very expensive. Jose Racer has been trying to setup a bulk order but last I heard was running into more than a few problems getting stuff setup.
If what you seek is a new Argie and exhaust? then yes Jose Racer is trying to make a batch, new bare heads and intake was in the order of $750.00 FOB Los Angles, Ca. But used Argie heads are about as hard to find as Aussie heads even though they made the Argie up till about 1990. I looked into exporting one set to the US and gave up! :unsure: It wasn't worth the trouble, you have to have someone from inside their country make all the shipping arraignments and I found it no cheaper to ship from Argentina than it was from Australia to the USA!

But the Argie Head is a newer design that took the Aussie 2V and inproved on them! They even still race them there!

You have to buy an Argie exhaust manifold or have custom headers made up, nothing fits or is made in the US that will work on them!

And I know of only one running in the USA, John at Inliners Homepage web site http://www.geocities.com/jryelverton/index.html check it out for about the best information you can find on the Argie SP and ME heads! Yes they made two styles! :shock:
well are u saying the shipping was about the same from argie to the us as it was from australia to the us

i dont think it'd really matter that much if they were about the same since u would be getting a better product

it wouldnt matter that much about the distance for the price since if u ordered one from aus u'd still be getting a cylinder head just like you would be from argie

Martin should hop in soon, but he's about to send out one ME setup to a guy here on the forum, and Dennis (DBzokole) is doing a hot 200 buildup for his Comet with an SP setup from Martin which should be done by springtime complete with flow numbers and dyno charts.

There's actually a '67 vert a good buddy of mine owns here in San Antonio with a 200/ME setup that we are about to get going. Hopefully we can get some shots of it to post as it will be a much prettier job than what my Mustang/Mav setup looks like.

Like Mark said, finding used SP stuff (the manifolds in particular) is very rare. The heads are still being made by the aftermarket, but not intakes. Martin has found numerous places who can make manifolds (INT and EXH both), but the problem is investment versus supply. Coordinating it all has been the problem. The light at the end of the tunnel is getting closer and hopefully, Martin will be moving these things soon.
Yeah, Martin has sacrificed his lone intake for research. It was sliced, diced and mashed. The good news is that they have a great casting of the intake. Things are moving quickly, I believe that the foundry is beginning or has begun making the intakes. He has contacted government officials in both US and Argentina and has gotten the blessings(as much as they will give to anyone) to import the heads into the US.

The first head I receive will go to a well known engine builder in So Cal to get "the treatment"-porting, polishing, multi-angle valve work, larger valves etc.

Guys, hang in there, the SPs are almost here. Make sure you contact/PM Martin for more info. He's working day and night to get this deal to happen ASAP.

Ok, guys, Im here :)

Like Dennis said, Im working on the intakes. I have the pattern maker and the foundry ready. Problem is, I wanted the intakes to have a 4 bbl. flange, and that poses fitting and fuel distribution issues. Nothing really serious, but I want them to be of first grade quality, and the additional cost from making various molds and flowbenching them will be insane. I can't afford to make an intake that will have problems to be fit in an engine bay or run poorly due to uneven fuel distribution.
So, I decided to stay with a repro of the original unit. Still, it has a 2bbl Holley flange, so you can run a nice carb without any adapters. And we will also be making a triple DCOE manifold if there is enough demand for it. There are adapters available, to let you run a single downdraught Weber 2 bbl carb, wich is a big improvement over the Holley 2300 series.
But before that, and for the sake of buyer satisfaction, DbzOkole will get a prototype head. The actual repro head, headers, and the SP intake. Maybe not my intended repro, but an original one.
Like DbzOkole pointed out, I invested a considerable time and money effort to make this happen. Keep in mind that situation here is quite rough, and I have to do this while working my butt off at the office to get the money to but the sample head, ship it, and also to pay the pattern maker, foundry, etc.
I intend to ship the head sooner than next spring. So, when the head is there, and flowbenched, you guys can decide for yourselves about buying the SP.
The main advantage, IMHO, is that everything will be brand new. So, if for any reason you need a replacement part, you won't have to wait until someone has one to sell. Simply pick up the phone, or double click on your favourite mail program, and Martín will provide :)
I guess you guys have the idea by now. Hope I can give you good news soon. Thanks for your interest. Martín.
Southern Cross Racer":1kz45ty7 said:
Ok, guys, Im here :)

And we will also be making a triple DCOE manifold if there is enough demand for it.

Will there be enough room for a triple intake? I'm just asking, it's not like I would really put triple DCOEs in my wife's project car anyway. But I would if it were my car.


It all comes down to carefully measure the engine compartment. I know of a few guys that went that route. The power output could be incredible...
I'm sending through some info to our moderators of six cylinder Triple Carb setups. One is for 1V US 144-200 head with integral manifold cut off, and another for Aussie 2V heads. Argie heads are similar port wise to the Aussie 2V heads. Perhaps if one of our moderators would like to post these photos, then all of us will get the benifet.

Sothern Cross Racer, you can use down draft IDA/IDF/DCNF Weber carbs is space is an issue. Spring tower room on early Falcons and 'Stands can limit space somewhat!

Just as an aside, I saw a late 1980's Australian Streetcar magazine which had a 250 2V with triple 45 DCOE Webers in a tiny 1972 TD Ford Cortina engine bay. Car was grey. I'd appreciate someone from the Aussie forum posting it if they could get a scan. Like the old saying goes, if it just fits, it fits!
That shock tower clearance issue: Hotrod Bill (old board) had to notch his to clear the '45s. Triple SUs is a great all 'round combo, and more than adequate for a hot street 200. Wait to see what Mike W. gets up to with his!

(Dennis: If you want suitable SUs or CD175s, ask Torana guys for sets.)