2v Head



Ok I know your going to say geesh this blokes a dummy but I have to ask , can some one discribe a 2v head as I never seen one, are all the ports on one side ?? and what year or car did they come out on

Thanks Joip

I tried looking for a smilely with a dunce hat but there were non lol
Thanks Mustangaroo, a photo explains alot more, excellent site

this question is even stupider

is that the sme thing as a crossflow?

if not, what does one look like?
Hey, gangsta, while we're on the topic of dumb questions, I've been meaning to ask, what is that bitchin' british racing green car? The body and the side hood latch looks like a Spitfire, with maybe some type of touring or GT fixed top, instead of the converts that I used to see all over, but the front end I can't place. Love to have one of those in the stable.