300 EFI on a 250? How could we do this?



I really hate my little 1bbl carb, and i don't wanna use carburetors anymore. I was speaking with some friends and my dad about waking up my little 250. They all mentioned fuel injection, but a custom mechanical fuel injection setup would cost way too much money and be overwhelming on the amount of hours that would be spent tuning it, let alone building it...sheeesh!

Then my dad mentioned that the 300 and the 240 have EFI. I was thinking about it, but I've asked that question before and all I got were opinions, no facts or help on how to customize the 300's or 240's setup to fit the 250. could it be done, and how? Thank you guys/gals for any input on this matter, i appreciate it greatly.


p.s. if you think i'm just here to BS you folks, you're mistaken. I am very, very serious on wanting to do this. now, for your help, please :)
The 240 never had FI, but the 300 did after '86 - multi-port. Adapting it to the 250 would likey cost more than building a whole system for the 250.

First you have to decide if you are dead set on wanting MPEFI. If not, the solution is simple enough. Holley sells a 1bbl TBI conversion in their "ProJection" line for pre-'86 Ford 300 trucks that would be a near bolt on to the 250. I've been tinkering with a 1bbl TBI from a 2.3L HSC Tempo engine and a "Megasquirt" controller. Haven't gotten very far, but it would likely cost as much as the Holley in the end.

If you want multi-port I would suggest using an Oz or Argie head and having the stock manifold setup for an injector rail and a TB. Then use somthing like www.sdsefi.com for a controller.
I was also looking into TBI for my car. I'm not sure which system I should use on the car.

Commander 950TM 1-bbl
Throttle Body Fuel Injection - 300 CFM
Any 4 cylinder, Even Fire 6-cylinder or V-8 engine
Rated not more than 140 horsepower


Commander 950TM 2-bbl
Throttle Body Fuel Injection - 400 CFM
Any 4 cylinder, Even Fire 6-cylinder or V-8 engine
Rated not more than 225 horsepower

I would have to use an adapter for the latter or maybe a direct connect to the log.

Any ideas?
That Commander 950 setup has some real potential, but I think the cost is a deal breaker. It's over $1200, isn't it?

An Aussie 2V head with a 650cfm 2V TBI would be a nice setup though......
Ya, the Commander setup would run me about 1000 bucks. I've decided against it 8)

well if decide not to sell my custom Aussie 250 4v head and intake, is there a TBI setup that would work on a 4bbl bolt pattern? Also is there an exhaust manifold that would support a turbo application on this head? It seems the stock manifold would work but I know I have personally been through three of these, leading me to believe they would not stand up to the added pressure. Any thought would be appreciated.

There is an Aussie TBI 4-barrel jobbie that flows over 1000cfm. Think it runs four injectors. I've got one of the 2-barrel, 4-injector versions of same gathering dust. Company is called Injection Perfection. Consider that almighty dollar advantage!


Cue: AzCoupe? :LOL:

Regards, Adam.