A few X-Flow questions .....


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Trying to find out more about this 250 X-Flow sitting at my shop and what is available for it. If you gents would be so kind as to help me out ...

1) I want to use a C-4 behind my X-Flow, so I know I need a bellhousing that matches the engine to my tranny. Are all X-Flow C-4 bellhousings the same? Here in the USA, early C-4's had a bellhousing that bolted to the tranny with the bolts going through the front pump. Later C-4's, and trucks, had a bellhousing that bolted directly to the tranny case, and was supposedly much stronger. Which style was used in Oz?

2) I saw this picture up on Ebay and was wondering if anyone could identify the brand of this intake manifold. http://home.swbell.net/creepers/manifold.jpg

3) The water pump on the X-Flows are aluminum, which is nice. According to Jack, the American pumps will fit, but I prefer the aluminum models. Is there a particular Aussie X-Flow pump that is better than the rest?

4) The bellhousing that came on my X-Flow is not a C-4 style because the converter is not like a C-4 unit. I assume it must be a Borg Warner of some type. Can you tell me if the flywheel on this engine will also fit a C-4 converter?

5) When you overbore one of these engines, are the oversize pistons sold in English or Metric sizes? What oversizes are generally available?

6) TRW/Federal Mogul often sells stock replacement pistons for American engines in a forged variety, even if the originals were cast. Is this so in Oz? Are forged pistons going to be a specialty item?

7) As a matter of curiousity, I know that the X-Flow was replaced by an overhead cam engine, but were the short blocks the same basic design or was it a totally different engine?

Thank you for your help. I am looking into a lot of things on this engine but my original plan is to install it in my 1966 Mustang Coupe and fit it with a Paxton blower head I have sitting around. I think it would be unique and certainly fast!

Randy (stanger53)
Randy - Some answers:

(1.) They bolt through the pump. Can't remember the spline count on the input shaft. Yes, all the bells are the same. Can't remember which shift kit to buy of the B&M ones (think it might be the early one, but would have to check.)

(2.) Don't know. It almost looks home-modified. Redline and Cain are the most well-known aftermarket makers. Both still available, to my knowledge. Lynx did make them, but don't now.

(3.) Just look for a Jap pump. Most of the aftermarket ones here are Asian or Indian, the latter are often CI, not alloy. I have never heard of a higher flow variety, just better engineered replacements.

(4.) No. Been there, tried that. You need a SBF flexplate with NO BALANCE WEIGHTS.

(5.) Overbores are in thou, but may be catalogued in metric. Stock, 10, 20, 30, 40, 60.

(6.) Don't use forgies unless you absolutely need them (and I do mean that). How much boost will you be running, and what fuel? Hypereutectic ACLs are darned near the best slugs possible for these motors.

(7.) The bore centres remained, the cranks may interchange. Much of the motor is an ongoing evolution. No idea on the head bolt layout.

As for fuel - you can swap the crossflow pump arm onto a V8 fuel pump for decent flow. Also, the geardrive is a different one to the early motors. You will have to import this or a Rollmaster chain set yourself. Go for a Romac balancer. Need an Aussie bearing kit and gasket set, too.

Cheers, Adam.
On the waterpumps, there is a brand that is supposed to flow up to 40% more. A mate got one yesterday with a new motor, I'll get some details off him.

On the intake manifold, thats a stock unit with an extra portion welded onto the side to suit a 4bbl carb.
The intake looks like its home made, forget it.
The best intake for single carb is the Linitedsprint from Ultraflow in Brisbane, expensive and hard to get.
The OHC engine cranks up to AU will drop in, they are different as far a balance weights etc, but should improve NVH in the crossflow, but I wouldnnt bother, the stock ones are fine, nobody ever has trouble with them.
The OHC block has the same bolt pattern on the deck, but heads WONT drop on, the OHC block has the dizzy and oil pump in same place with a short jack shaft to drive them, TheOHC is double row roller chain drive with hydraulic tensioner.
Stick to ACL pistons there the best!
For the Bellhousing, you need to E-mail JD. He can set you up with what you need. Nothing in the U.S. will connect the two.
The waterpump is a Veale brand. I dont have pics, but the inside is noticably larger..