a good reason



While driving home today while my car was running good as it mostly does when it is drving fresh each day; kept on going though reasons why people such as us have these cars with the engines in it. I hear it all the time "why dont you put ina 289 or 302, you'll go faster and it isnt that expensive and it does weight that much with the engine swap and your car isnt that light"(around 2500-2800 lbs car).

Anyways, I realized a good reason for keeping the inline 6: if I was racing someone like a new car and my car was all beefed up and we did race and they were surprised that I kept up with them giving them the I had a v-8. And when the race was over he would compliment that my old v-8 could keep up with him; then I would corect him saying that " its not a v-8 it is an inline 6 ( you barely could keep up with a 6). Taking this meaning that there would be a role for 6 cylinder classic fords and creatin fear to other cars saying " it a 6 cylinder can give you a hard time a v-8 could cream you"

It is hard to explain in a way, but this reason is good enough to conquer other reasons for not giving up the 6 if I had the money. My car is mainly stock and when it runs good I enjoy it and it does go to a nice cruising speed on the city roads fast without pushing the car. If it could do that, cant wait to put money into it to make it even better. Once again hard to explain, and i hope that I didnt waste your time reading this and do hope that some of you fordsix fans understand and happy motoring!
thats what peeple tell me a 302 is a dime a dosen but there is a problem with that I DO NOT WANT A 302 !!!!! ever heer about gas milege ???? cuz I got a lot more than you`ll ever have :p :D
What I love is the dumb founded look on the faces of those I talk to who have V8's...broken down, or draining their money!

I love spending money, but I can't afford shoving the best V8 engine in the world ( a Cleveland V8 ) into my car. A new trans, a better diff, better brakes, inability to reach sparking plugs or header bolts, power steering box gets hidden...all of it hassle. My first experience with a 351C was in an 1971 XY with Toploader and 290 cam and a 750 Holley. :D . After cruising the streets of my home town, you couldn't have wiped the smile off my dial with an Exocet. 300+ hp, 3200 pounds, and a potential 130 mph plus top speed. But then the woes. The engine, 8 grand of NASCAR block, got the knocks. Engine was bored for cast pistons, but TRW forged went in and busted the bore surfaces. Then the diff broke. Then the car got stolen.

The sixes are plentyfull, and there is enough expertise here to amortise your money should something bad happen. With a V8, the cost of ancillary repair ( diffs, transmissions etc.) plus the engine itself, often push people over the edge financially. Ask F-series truck owners if they like 302's more than 300's. Theres something snazzy about a six shooter. And the way your sixes look all done up like the ones I see here, you've got to love them!
I admit...I was going to put a V-8 in my mustang when I first got it. 2 things kept me from doing it.

1) I researched what I all I had to do to do the swap. Way too much work and money.

2) I once had my pertronix die and my car was only firing on 3 cylinders. How many V-8s would run on 4 cylinders? My car limped home for 25 miles on 3 cylinders until I got home. That incident made me keep the trusty little 6.

I own a convertible. I'm not into racing. I like being seen in my car, so does it matter that my car can do 0-60 in 17 minutes? No...I still look cool driving down the street and people waving to me. Also, I went to a show once and I parked beside a gorgeous Mach 1 mustang. I got more looks and comments and compliments about my then stock 6 cyilnder. I can't wait to show people my Cobra Six. I expect to see a lot of surprised faces. People coming over to check out my car because they see the Cobra air cleaner from the corner of their eye...only to find out it is a 6 cylinder. It will be interesting.