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IMG_20210917_130415.jpgIMG_20210917_131013.jpgI need some advice on an air cleaner/filter set up for the aluminum head (with a 2 barrel carb). For several years I've used a cold air intake but I don't like the appearance and want to go with a more traditional look. I recently aquired this 13" round cleaner, but the filter is too tall. Almost 3 inches. I'm not sure how tall I can go but probably less than 2 inches. The air cleaner already has a drop-base. Any ideas on how to make this work? Or a suitable alternative?


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Nice looking engine bay! . . If the top of the air filter gets too close to the carburetor the metering will be altered. Also, the open design will be louder with intake noise. I replaced an open style with an old factory type with a snorkel because the vacuum noise was on my nerves.

Wayne clark

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When I installed the sniper on a small log head in my 67 vert I wound up haveing to get a sniper 1" drop base air clearer with a 2" washable element( similar to a K&N media )from Southerwestern performance on line. But that element only gets you down another 1".

Is that a Mustang you have in the picture with the alumn head? I've kinda been looking at mine & have been wondering if I am going to have a problem with my air filter set up & hood.