airless spray guns



hi all

just wondering are airless spray guns any good for applying arcrylic auto paint or 2 pak? (not for my ute something else)

i have seen one for sale, on special for half off for $125, or is air spraying the best way?(ie witha compressor)

and i am considering on the ute getting hold of a airconditioner compressor and converting it to compressor air (how) and having a small airtank for applications such as inflating a tyre on the side of the road (i do long distance down bad roads,and sometimes need air pressure for farm duties hence the idea) or running the 2 airhorns (off a truck, which are going onto the utes roof).

this is a even more crazy idea : i am not too sure, are the air powered starters on trucks of a turbine type or what?, cos i just love the sound of them and if one is
A small enough
B not need a hell of a lot of pressure to turn over
would it ,

wait for it;

work to somehow have it turn over a petrol motor instead of the conventional elctric start for something different to start the vehicle, i am planning this for my BNS ute? is it a completely nuts idea? and will not work ?

i am not too sure how long the airconditioning compressor will last but one of my mates dads landcruisers has a similar setup for inflating tyres on tractors, so surely a fair amount of pressure can be made?

i have also decided on the colour : white and am going to make it in the theme of a White Road Boss, one of my favrit trucks

am i a nut case or what?

cheers smythee
Well, say for argument's sake, you had to do a quick repair on a ricer, after you'd swiped it with your bull bars, it'd be OK. (The airless gun, that is.)

Most are good for spraying water based paints, oil-based enamels, industrial coatings and the like. A drawback is they are often heavy to hold, and become tiring. If you know anybody with well-developed muscles in their right arm (maybe that ricer driver), they may be the man to spray.

You CANNOT make a compressor for spray air out of an aircon pump. There are several good reasons why; just trust me (don't feel technical tonight).

A good spray job requires oil-free, water-free, pressure regulated air. You won't even come close with most hire outfits. Buy a new compressor. Claim the input tax credits. Loan it to Dylan, who will buy himself all the good spray and filter gear. Otherwise, use it and don't forget the depreciation on farm machinery.

No ideas on the air starter, sorry. For the horns, a large air horn pump will do. Or maybe an airbag air pump.

Regards, Adam.
Best automotive A/C compressor to convert to air compressor use(but not paint spraying, though COLORED oil streaks in the paint might set a trend for ricers!) is the old Chrysler V-twin. Reason: the lubricant stayed in the compressor, ie. oil did not need to travel around with the Freon. Since it's splash lubed and non-pressurized, the oil level can be checked externally. A big & heavy unit, but nice for utility. My plans are to fit one up to my Ford 300" six that will be powering the Jeep truck, for the same reasons: off-road tires, air horns & tractor tires. Happy bracket fabbing!


Do you know that you can buy small air compressors, that run on 12 and 24 volts, that are designed for just that purpose from most 4wd shops (like Opposite lock)?
crap im dumb, why didnt i think of that!!!!!!