Aluminum head with 2bbl Holly (500 or 350 cfm)

Gene Fiore

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Anyone running the classic inlines aluminum head with a Holly 2bbl carb? Since my Holly is a known commodity I am planning to start with it. I want to mount it with the float bowl facing front and the throttle cable pull coming from the firewall. I'm looking for suggestions or pics of what kind of throttle cable brackets folks have come up with for a setup like this? I can't seem to find anything online and figure I will have to make something. :hmmm:


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@Gene Fiore,

I have a "500 CFM" Holley 2 BBl with the aluminum head. The Holley is mounted with the fuel bowl facing the passenger side. I used a Lokar throttle cable, which passes through a homemade bracket on the front driver's side of the block, mounted via the bosses for the front driver's side lifting lug. The throttle cable action pulls laterally, from passenger side to driver's side, as the throttle opens.

Since each bank of three cylinders gets one venturi, and since this carb is not progressive, I think this should be good for fuel distribution.



Presuming it's the Maverick with Al head, an aftermarket longer cable using the existing Mav' pedal and other parts is fairly simple. With bowl in front, typical linkage should pull from below carb. Universal cable cut to length should work with any orientation . You can 'open up' the 4412/7448 throttle arm for more leverage. (welding arm to throttle shaft is common mod).

... not alum head but a few ideas:

Maverick forward facing linkage (w/Q'Jet ):

Maverick with 7448 (modified for blow through)

have fun


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Photo 78 of 97 is his Holley 4412 on his Classic In lines head and 4bbl intake.

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