Another manifold to fit crossflow - USD$270


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This is the place who make the Ultraflow manifolds. I've been meaning to post this for some time.
Here's the version for the alloy headed crossflow - reminds me of the Argentinian products!

The GM manifolds they are offering are extremely well regarded, and priced fairly, from what I am told. One chap who knows his sixes pretty well opined that the best results from a N/A 250 engine would probably be had with triple Webers or D'Os but failing that level of budget, one of these suckers with a 500 Holley on top. Still not as cool as triples. :unsure:

More food for thought!

Regards, Adam.
Nice. Looking at that manifold, I still can't figure out why Ford setup the 221 SP manifold to have the carb mount with the throttle shafts parallel to the crank...
Hi everyone.

I never saw anything but a US stock 200. Now I have few questions about manifolds that some of the more experienced people here in the forum will have answers for.

Can a US 200 head be modified to accept one of these Ultraflow manifolds? Time? Money? Easy?

I am not an expert machinist or mechanic but I would think that the stock manifold can be cut off pretty easily and the area can be made to accept any aussie manifold of almost any model or make. Adam would be the MAN in this area. Any ideas or suggestions?


It's not as simple as it may seem. This manifold is for a crossflow, so it's made to go on the other side of the head. Plus the runners are configured to suit the spacing of the crossflow ports.

I am looking forward to Jack's further progress with his hybrid engine. It may be something of a middle ground solution for people with a log engine in excellent condition. When you get to the stage of needing a thorough rebuild and want a hop-up also, it's going to yield more results with less or the same money, doing a crossflow install.

There are tested and proven ways of adapting the log head to suit other inductions. I have some ideas for a further approach that standardises around a 2V manifold, but would involve some milling, a ¾" laser cut plate, and a little welding. It has to be tested in the first instance, too. The benefit would be limitless 2Vs...

What will be interesting is to find out who has approached these guys (Matilda) to cast 2V manifolds. I'm sure it's been asked of them.

Hope this helps. Sorry there's no magic solution - it would be nice to be able to overcome the main problem with an easy interchange.

Regards, Adam.
Interesting manifold, addo. They claim that with a 500 Holley 2V to add 40rwhp over a stock 250 x-flow.
Does this sound right to you?
What kind of crankshaft horsepower do you think that comes out to?
Who sells the UltraFlow manifolds and about how much do they cost?
yes gents thats the famous Limited Sprint manifold designed for speedway where your only allowed to run two barrel carbs on a "stock style' intake.
The local compant here in Perth ( advertises a 250 donk with 302bhp on methanol for this use.
So the maifold is a goodie, the hot setup Im told is a 500 throttle plate with a 350 venturi.
I think that 40 RWHP is on Avgas, and compares to a stocker with EGR and all that muck appended. Still, it's a good improvement. Isn't it funny how "loglike" it is? :roll:

If I can get details, I will post tomorrow. Wanted to wait until Mike W's next Oz crate had the lid nailed on, before mentioning it. (Only joking, Mike.)

Spoke to Matilda, and also to Bruce at Ultraflow.

Ultraflow have the manifolds normally in stock, priced at $440 AUD. This is currently $270 USD, as mentioned in the title. Matilda make them exclusively for Ultraflow - will not sell direct. I believe that the included 10% sales tax may be waived (or possibly rebated) for units mailed to an overseas buyer. Don't quote me, though.

Both Matilda Foundry and Ultraflow were amenable to the idea of a run of manifolds, pricing/batching subject to designs submitted... Both the businesses here are located in Queensland, Australia. (Foundry) (Ultraflow guy)

Be nice to them. ;)

Cheers, Adam.