Anyone here successfully running an aftermarket EFI System, Megasquirt, Holley Hp, Sniper, Atomic, FITech?


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I am running a Holley sniper 2300 on my 200 3.3L inline in my 65 Mustang and works great. I have seen the biggest improvements in overall performance since installing. Starting is easier, idle is smoother, throttle response/acceleration is better, and gas mileage went up about 5 miles to the gallon. With my Weber setups ( they like to run rich ) I was getting 12-14 miles to the gallon and now with my Holley Sniper setup I am getting 17-20 miles to the gallon, depending how much I run A/C and the weight of my foot. I drive about 60 miles a day to and from work and the difference in the performance has made my drive to and from work a lot more fun.

Here is a link to my recent block swap - You can see my Holley Sniper setup in the last few pics.

EightTrack's recent Block Swap


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MagaSquirt interests me for a number of reasons. Tunable with a lap top, uses a MAP system, and other reasons. I'm very likely to add this to my engine. It's a great system.


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Not on a FordSix, but we just got a Holley Sniper going on a Ch*vy 350.

* The truck runs as well or better than it ever did with a Q-jet, and we're nowhere near done getting it dialed in.
* EFI is not a solution for a poorly-running engine - EFI will highlight and exaggerate any weaknesses, and drive you to drinking.
* Make SURE the ignition is 100%!!! ANY misfire is seen as a lean mixture, leads to more fuel, fouling plugs for more misfires, etc, etc, etc.
* FOLLOW THE INSTALLATION WIRING INSTRUCTIONS - poor connections, poor grounds, not hooking straight to the battery, running wires along spark plug wires, etc will all lead you to pull your hair out. Do it right the first time!
* EFI ain't cheap - the most budget-conscious way I can see is still over $1000, more if you don't have a GOOD fuel system already, and more yet if you want it to control your ignition.
* The amount of data you can capture, and the accuracy you can tune, is astounding - but with any system, there's a learning curve when you look at datalogs and try to figure out what the hell it all means.
* The Holley Sniper forums and tech phone people are a wealth of information - which is why we went with Holley (fwiw, I *hate* Holley 4-bbl carbs)


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I like it, I like that the computer is not built into the throttle body so can be replaced. It does not have timing control which I don't mind using my vacuum advanced. It has your basic tuning controls but I figured the less features the less problems. For $100 I can buy the computer and for another hundred I can buy the handheld controller and throw them in the toolbox as a spare. I heard fitech out a lot of problems with their fuel pump systems so I went with my stock system and I had a lot of problems with the computers overheating built into the throttle body. So I limited these two problems by having an external computer that is replaceable and I don't have to ship in the unit and using my own built fuel system that I can buy parts at the auto store


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I like that fitech and Summit Racing have a one year warranty on their EFI systems on like Holley sniper and their 90 day warranty. Fitech had a bunch of negative reviews due to their customer service so I opted for the Summit Racing system made by fitech but customer service by Summit Racing and their customer service is impeccable and I have no doubt that they will uphold their warranty for the full 12 months. Most of the fitech parts that are built into the Summit Racing system are replaceable at the store except for the computer and handheld monitor which I will just buy and have sitting in a toolbox for a spare. The only other system I saw available in my price range and reliability was the affordable EFI system available at affordable I think. There's even came with a distributor. But it is based off of the GM TBI and made by a small business family-owned. And honestly I've been screwed too many times by family-owned businesses not covering their warranties and this is why I decided to go with Summit Racing