Anyone in WA want to come to Kirkland to look at my engine?



Well, as this distributor saga gets stranger, I'm hoping that one of the experienced Sixers in Washington State would like to come to my house and see the amazing 200 that runs 55* advance without pinging! :LOL:

Honestly -- I'm hoping that someone here familiar with ping, or what that sounds like in our engines -- might have some free time in the next few days to come over to Kirkland, and give me a second opinion here.

I've pulled my Dizzy apart and am about at wits end trying to figure out the best way to proceed.

Honestly - lunch (beer, or whatever) is on me!

Send me an e-mail if anyone is around

Would love to, but Kirkland is too far away from Spokane this time of the year! Surely there are other forum regulars on the other side of the mountains that would take you up on your offer. ;)