aussie 250 2v head on ebay

mustangaroo had close up pics of that head and this is i think the 4th time it has been for sale!!
What is that coil inside the 3-4 exhaust port? I have a 250 2V head, and it doesn't have one.
It's the auto choke preheat. You'll find two plugged holes above it on yours. Still there is a decent sign the head is unmolested.

Regards, Adam.
I paid 600 for mine and I have seen them go as high as 750.

450 would be a deal.
i paid 500 for mine and AZcoupe has got bare castings for the same or 550 or something
(mine was a bare casting as well)
I just sent this ebayer a email stating he could get alot more if he just cleaned it up and Magged the head! :shock: This is at least the third time I have seen this head by this ebayer sell and then it re-appears? I'm not saying it's not any good! I'm just saying this guy is putting any effort in trying to convey to the bidder any faith in his product! unless their is a cracked head here it can be rebuilt! Cehck this head out that sold about 45 days ago on ebay to the head selling now? ??????? :shock: :cry: :roll: :oops: :unsure: :unsure::
At the moment, I'm asking $450 for bare heads and $575 for complete heads that include the valve train, adj rockers, gaskets and Holley adapter. I will also guarantee them to be sound and rebuildable.


That was the head I bought from a month ago. And yes having the head checked out first makes spending the money on one a lot easier.

Not to mention safer, I cannot wait to get this thing in the engine compartment.
My last head sold for $600. This was basically everything from the head up - included carby, intake manifold, head, valves, rockers, rods, chrome cover, headers AND shipping!