Aussie 265 Hemi Six


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Fear This!
I'm confused........I thought all 'hemis' had the spark plug between
the intake and exhaust valves which would place
the spark plug wires in the middle of the valve
cover. Please 'un' confuse me.
Thanks Paul.
;) You got me there, Paul. It's not a "true" Hemi, like the eights. The roof of the chamber is shaped a little more like these engines than a slant, but the plug is side entry.

When these came out, in 245 and 265 versions, they were the ones to catch. Our Charger (not the same as a Dodge Charger) was the quickest accelerating (road going) six in the world - until Porsche beat it in 1974 or so. I have heard of one of these engines fitted into a ute (Ranchero to you), but haven't seen pics. It's about the size of a 250, but more grunty.

The triple 45s was a factory option. Nice, huh?

Regards, Adam.

There's a member of Inliners International who lives in your area who has one of these Hemi 265's in a '23 Buick. He had an article in the 12 Port News about a year ago. Some versions of these engines had HP and torque figures in the 320 - 325 range. Says its darned quick at the drags.

Yes, short of a seriously worked crossflow six, these engines are the "small" sixes to beat. Cheap as chips with a 2-barrel Carter and headers, too.

A friend races a 245 w/45s in a '70 Valiant sedan body. He has his own flowbench, does most of his own stuff. Reckons he's cracked 300 horses (fly), but aiming for 400, N/A. Only mods are a deep oil pan, surge tank/electric fuel pump, electric water pump.

Haven't heard about the Buick, do you know where it's been raced?

Cheers, Adam.
Here in the states, the engine that would rival that bad boy within it's own "familia" would be the (chryslar/plymouth?) Jeep 258cid. Gather round children for a lil story on this Champion...

The real deal:

My older brother had a Jeep with a pretty much stock build except for a cam and dual headers. Single two chamber flowmaster. On Sundays we would drive over to an OHV (off highway vehicle) area where a bunch of 4x4's would get together and RAISE HELL!!! Well, this BEAST would always turn heads and hurd gatherers. They thought we were booshitting with them (What size V8 is it?) till we popped the hood :eek:

Racing a 258: (Always wanted to do that.)

This engine cranked out all this power with a stock head! No porting/polishing(fulie). No bigger valves. No angle jobs. No triple webers. Just a Single 4 barrel. Stock rotating assembly and stock compression.

Fear that! :mrgreen:
raced the buick at eastern creek a while back(12.6 in full street trim)the hemi is slightly different to the v8 in that the 8 has the canted valves opposing across the head and the 6 has canted valves along the head with a full hemi combustion chamber.