Australian 250 non-crossflow head



Looking for a little info on the 1970-76 250 Australian head with seperate intake manifold .... are there any modifications to fit this head to a US 200? Is the valve cover/exhaust bolt pattern different? Thanks also looking for a Mallory distributor, anyone?
Thanks for the info .... it would be great to be able to port the intake!

can't afford a new Mallory just yet .... hopin' some old racer was cleanin' out their garage and had one right under that greasy edelbrock valve cover!

anybody know if vacuum advance is recomended for a supercharged application?
Vacuum advance can be very effective on a supercharged car, especially if it's the dual advance type. In unboosted situations the advance works normally, adding advance with vacuum. As the blower begins to build boost, the canister can apply ignition retard to the distributor.

It'll take some tuning to come up with the proper rate, but might be very effective.

I'm have a Mallory mechanical advance dual point distributor that I will looking to sell shortly. If your interested email me.