Best thing ever / Gimmick?



i dunno if any of u have seen these things on TV but i was windering if anyone has seen/heard about if they actually work.
If the claims are true they are a steal huh?

"We have found that with one Hiclone we generally gain between 10 to 20 per cent better fuel efficiency, but with two Hiclones we generaly gain over 20 per cent fuel efficiency. A pre-turbo Hiclone will bring the turbo on up to 600 rpm earlier. "

1983 XE Fairmont EFI - 53% improvement

85 XF Falcon, Letter
Hi John
A few months ago I purchased a Hiclone for my 85 XF falcon and was very pleased with the results, especially with the fuel economy and smoothness of the engine. The fuel economy was about 14% better in city driving. I have recently sold the vehicle...
Wants a Hiclone for his new falcon

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Carby Ford Falcon 1986 6cyl - Brian Winkel phone conversation
12% gain in fuel economy doing 140km per hour up the centre, 21.08 % gain in fuel economy in normal motoring.

they claim 20% better economy and 15 % extra power for about $160
too good to be true?????

they have a money back guarantee too so if they are full of shit, send it back lol.
With the way fuel mileage laws penalize big car companies, don't you think Ford and GM would install these in all their big cars? Swirling the airflow is an advantage only where the air and fuel mix. 8)
A lot of these gadgets make their claims based on results after doing a complete tuneup, then take credit for the improvement. :LOL:
I was working in a workshop here in Sydney a few years back and at that time i believe we were the only distributor of the Hi-clone in the area.

They sold well and I dont believe I ever heard anything negative about them. For the most part, they were sold to longtime customers of Pajero, Patrols, and the odd Landcruiser.

Still, the claims are very interesting !