Cap Adaptor?



Hey Guys,

I just bought a dizzy, cap, rotor and ignition module off of a 78 Fairmont. This dizzy setup will allow me to do the Duraspark II Elec. Ignition conversion on my 1967 I6 Mustang. Problem is, they dont have the cap adaptor at any auto parts stores around here. The part I am looking connects to the dizzy and gives the cap a place to connect. Any ideas about where I can get this part? I was hoping to do the conversion this weekend so i'd like to avoid having to go searching in junkyards.

A while back I asked and found out that the 300 DII adapter is the same one as the 200/250 DII adapter, that should help you with your search.

I found them at Advanced Auto Parts here in town, and at Napa, I hope this link works for you, it is to the Napa online catalog. If nothing else maybe one of your local stores can cross reference the elchin part number (Item#: ECHFA139 Price: $ 7.69 )


good luck
that's odd, the stores around here have trillians of them, it's kinda of weird how what is in stock fluxuates from area to area
I have talked to others about the DSII and they said most of the parts are in stock. All of my local stores didnt carry the Fairmont Dizzy, Cap Adaptor or MSD Blaster Coil. I also need to special order the harness that connects the MSD6a Box to the dizzy.

Another Question:

Do I need pn 8869 and 8860 to connect the magnetic pickup connector to the Ford Duraspark Connector? Instructions are vague.