Carb Bolt Spacing



Hey All!

I'm gonna order the Clifford carb/adaptor today. When i called they needed to know if I have a 3 5/8 or 2 3/4 bolt spacing pattern on the intake. I have a stock 1967 I6 200. My car is not currently here so I can't go out and measure the distance. Anyone have an idea which pattern I have?

The intake log on the stock 1967 head has a 1 1/2" carburetor bore. You didn't say which carb you plan to install, but if you are looking at the Holley 5200 or Weber DG series and you have the 1 1/2" carb head, the correct Clifford adapter is part number 08-1651 (the small bolt pattern). Note that the Clifford adapter will eliminate the "heated spacer" so you will need to re-route your heater hose. Also, if your car is equiped with the dual vac advance distributor (very high probability), you will need to change to the 68 - 73 dual advance unit, which has mechanical and vac advance, or the DS2. This change is necessary as none of the popular carb upgrades (Holley 5200, 2300 - Motorcraft 2100 - Weber DG's) will support the dual vac dizzy. For the record, this upgrade will require some fine tuning / adjusting to get the full benefit, so don't be discouraged if it doesn't meet you expectation "out of the box". There is help here if you need it.

Enjoy the ride - Steve
Thanks for the reply Steve. The dizzy I have is the single vac advance DSII dizzy from a Fairmont.