Carb identification and install help!



I found a '74 Maverick with a 250 at a local junk yard. It has a Holley carb with the numbers 9223 2779 stamped on it, and a tag that says Motorcraft, and the numbers E0ZE BBA 9K5. What carb is this? Would it be any good as a replacement for my tired 1100? If good, what would I need to do to install it?

Also, I found an '83 Futura with a 6 cyl. (not sure if 200 or 250), that has the duraspark still in it. Would this be the DS II? Is it worth pulling for $25? Thanks for the help.
I'm guessing that you have a Holley 1946 by the "E0----" (1980) part number on the tag. This is the carb. that was used on the 200 from '78 until its demise.

Does it look like this?

or this?

If so, you have a Holley 1946. Let us know if this isn't what you have.
The carb is still on the car, but IIRC it does look like you pics. It's on a 250, not a 200. Would it still be a 1946? Are they better than a 1100?
Just to be sure about which one you have. Here is a carb. from an '80 Granada w/250. It's the Carter YFA. Could this be the one you have?

The Holley 1946 (the one in my first post) was not the original carb. for the 250. It was used on the 200s from 78-up. If that is the one you have, someone probably transplanted it to your 250. There is nothing at all wrong with it being on a 250. In answer to your question, yes, it's a definite improvement over the 1100. I have A LOT of problems with the choke mechanisms on this carb, but other than that, it performs well.

Hope I haven't confused you too much. Let us know which one you have.