carter vs holley

xt falcon

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i was running with a 465 holley felt good and strong but i was told that you can get carter carbs and that they are better because they spray a finner spray of fuel. this guy reckons it would be good for my car 250 x-flow. so i was wondering what sizes are around and basicly if they stay tuned or if you have to adjust every weekend. i am after a good four barrel at the moment so any advise will be taken on. thanx Aaron
you might need to check the size of the carb overall.i had a look at a federal mogul 4 barrell 500 cfm .but there way to wide and will fowl
on the shock tower ,if you thought the holley was tight in there!! ,im try a
edelbrock 500 cfm in a couple of weeks.ill let you know of overall dimensions when i get them.

cheers dave 67xr6
I understand a stock rebuild on a Carter costs a bundle. The money's probably better spent dyno tuning the Holley for your engine. The "fuel curve" is what most places can't get right on a Holley, and hence the source of a lot of misinformation.

Regards, Adam.