Cortina Questions...



Now that its getting colder i am making an effort to get my heater going. The air-con system was gone when i picked up my TE. I cant see any dramas with putting in the smaller unit... true ?

Does anyone know where i can get hold of a diagram which shows where the vacuum lines goto (including behind the dash ? - its a jungle in there !)

Cheers ...

PS : Can anyone recommend a reputeable spraypainter in Sydney i could have a chat to ?
So, you have no longer got the large, current-consuming factory air unit inside?

Closest I've got to a TE Corty was an XC Falcon. :unsure: The non-factory air models had cable controlled heat/demist. Vacuum was only used due to the complexities of the aircon. If this holds for the TE, you might be able to put a partially gutted large unit in, for the least rearrangement.

MarkZE or one of the other Performance Forums guys might be able to help you with a copy of the factory vacuum diagram.

As for spray painters - well, good luck. Be doing well to get a good solid colour overspray for $3500 (no rust, tiny dents only, newer car). This includes stripping the car to a rolling shell, and refitting. I know I'm looking at about 6½ for my wagon. If you like, I can ask around. Most guys I fault on prep. Sydney is a rip-off, but that's the way it is.

Regards, Adam.
there is only 2 vacum lines for the te heater you run a vacume line fron the inlet into the right hand side of the control then from the left side a vacum line goes to the heater flar above where the passangers feet would be

simple as that

need more info email me and i can take some photos as mine is sitting on the floor as im relocating the heater controls in my cortina

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