Couple Questions



Hey All!

Couple questions for you guys.

1) I was looking in the Mustangs Plus Catalog and saw a 6cyl header kit. They are hooker super comps with 2.5 collectors, dr gas 2.5x2.5 crosssover kit, plus dr gas spin trap mufflers. They want 649.95 for the kit. Has anyone used this kit? Would it be better to get the Clifford Headers and purchase the mufflers/crossover kit seperatley?

2) I am looking at the Ignitor II Elec Ignition Module in the Mustangs Plus Catalog. Before ordering they need to know if my car (67 I6 200) has a thermactor. How would I go at finding out if I have one? Here are some pics of my engine if needed:

Thermactor is an early air injection smog reduction system found in early California cars. If your belt is driving an air pump and you have tubes injecting air into your intake manifold then you have a thermactor system.
Most likely it has been done away with or you never had it.
Yes, the thermactor pumped air into the exhaust manifold. You do not have one. However, that does not mean that your car does not have the thermator type distributor drive. As a matter of fact, if you have a dual vac dizzy you probably have the thermactor drive. I don't know why these catalogs don't try to make it clear that it is the distributor that the thermactor came with that is at issue. Does your rotor set on a shaft that is "D" shaped, or do you have a round shaft with a slot in it? The "D" shaft is the thermactor type.

Please take a look at the "Duraspark vs. Pertronix" post, as well as the other current dizzy / timing related posts (about 3 - all new) before you make your purchase.

All the best - Steve