crossflow head ?



how far is it up with the crossflow head on the 200 ci block ?, fitting already jack ?
running ? :shock: :p :p :p
didn,t hear lately no news from it , let us now how thing ,s are going , verry interested project you are doing ! dont fall down , keep it up ,try harder , never give up !!!!!!!!!! 8)
from all the genius in the past ,peopel did say there where nuts , but look what they did brought ! i hope jack is bringing a cross flow head . :p
I've been in Germany all month and am still catching up. I'll resume working on them this weekend. :)
germany ? thats damm close to me . maybe whe can meet ?
ahhaha let me now when you,r gone do your next trip , whe can meet maybe ! would be great to see the mustang master in person !!! :)
Next time I go to Germany, I also plan to make a trip to Eindhoven to visit relatives. If possible, I will try to see you then.