Custom Carburetor Plates



Just a quick question :)

Has anyone considered producing adapter plates so that whoever wanted to mount a 2BBL directly to the log they could with little effort?

I would offer to make them myself but I really don't have the knowledge and tools. Plus, I don't know enough of the "specifics" to create templates.

I just thought this could be an easy job to do and a good money maker if someone could do this type of work. :D Heck, I'd pay up to 40 bucks for one, seriously.

Any opinions? :roll:

Making the adapter is easy. However, you still have to modify your intake log to remove the 1bbl 'shelf' and mill a flat spot on the log for a good seal against the adapter, then make the intake hole larger for the new 2bbl opening.

True, very true but this I think would be the easy part. Making the plate would be a little more difficult because it would require the right saw blades to cut and shape the plates. Something I don't think I would be able to do. :cry:

Cutting the shelf off can be done with either a hack saw or grinder. Anyone else have any ideas?

oh, i thought he was talking of a custom adapter... i think it would be easier if someone would just make a custom adapter that put the carburator in the correct orientation like it should be, with the fuel bowl to the front and everything
nah, it was my fault, i kinda just glanced at the topic and then read the thing, kind of skipping over the directly to the log part