Distributor upgrade

Hi, I have a 1977 XC Fairmont with a 250 crossflow, bosch distributor with points.

I would like to replace the dizzy with one from an XF, that has no points but it has 3 wires.

I would like to know where the wires get connected, do I need a different coil and will it work ?

Thanks !20211125_184232.jpg


Nope. You got some reading to do....

1. The distributor has not vac advance,
2. the wrong size shaft that doest fit the blocks iron pilot shaft
3. No Electronic Control Module to run the Electronic Spark Timing.

If you add theFalcon 3.2 or 3.9 lit (re) EA 26 CFI, and make the three changes above, you can use it.

X flow Distributors were supplied by Bosch, and then Motorcraft Australia when Ford introduced TFi

See https://fordsix.com/threads/x-flow-distrubitor.75528/#post-652637

And post #19, ripped from OzModders.

See https://fordsix.com/threads/which-carburator-is-better.80952/


It's all good. If you want to, you can use it, but you have to do Mods 1, 2 & 3, and find a way to run the Electronic Spark Timing computer.

A brass shim can be added to fit the later distributor in the earlier block hole. You then modify the locking nut clasp, and use the right intake manifold and alloy head to clear the different distributor.

Ford changed everthing often, but the 1985s with Leaded fuel and that distributor with long reach plugs and high swirl head...they were the best performers. So have a think about what you want to do.

Good fortune with it all David!