does anybody have a working turbo 200?

Well, do you? Lot's of projects and lots of discussion, but somebody must be driving one by now, they've been around for nearly 40 years.
There's quite a few guys down here who've successfully turbo'd the GM 202 cube six. It's a similar non-crossflow design, and will pull excellent ETs. If anybody wants to pick the brains of the "guru" of that bunch, I'm happy to forward e-mails.

Regards, Adam.
I would check with snowdragon3
he sent me some pics of a couple of the cars they have

small 6 with a drawthrough

Wow, I can't believe they mounted the turbo right on the log. that sucker must get HOT! Still, short tubing runs have their own advantage.

Actually its the exhaust side that gets really hot. You can get that dry powder coated with a thermal barrier to keep the heat in the turbo so it doesnt spread much to the intake. Plus keeping the heat in the turbo helps improve throttle response by keeping the pressure up.
Hey nice picture! who took it? :LOL:
That is a 67 200 pushing a 1960 american rambler, or should I say push"ed". Its my 17 year old brothers car that he overheated and blew the head gasket and warped the head.
Its not entirely his fault, my dad is the one whom built the engine and didnt really understand everything there is to know about turbo applications. There were two big problems, 1. didnt know the compression ratio to start with, and 2. he didnt know how much boost he was runnin'. So my guess is he had well over 12:1 compression with full boost and just detonated the damn thing to hell.
My project will not only look nicer ;) but will be built better. maybe thats why it is taking me so long?