Does anyone make a high performance waterpump for the 200?

I acquired one; Japanese. It has a stamped steel impeller (more flow area), and an integrated backing plate adjacent to this, to maximise the pumping effect.

Think there are others, too.

Cheers, Adam.
I think the one for the Bronco was bigger also. You have to match up a fan pulley to get the right offset though. The original wont work with that pump.
So there are some, but nobody makes an off the shelf piece?

addo, any more info on your Japanese pump? Is it something you guys have in Au. or one of those, "I hit the jackpot!," swapmeet finds?

Thanks guys, 8)
It probably is in production, but I did get it NIB at a swap. :oops: I'll have a look for a brand on it. (Dumb, but I chucked the box out.)
8) you might also try the brass works, they make hi perf pumps for a variety of motors.
It's just got a "G" on it, and "Japan". It's a lot more open inside for better flow development. Nothing else to report...
Enlighten me,

Please grasshopper, seems to me you just load up the cam's thrust washer causing premature wear and use more pony power( which we don't need to do) by using a "high volume" or "high pressure" oil pump. If you have oil pressure problems, a stock Melling or what-not should do the trick without robbing you of the ever-so-hard-gained horse power. You can only squeeze so much through a 1/2 inch hole.

Less you regularly float your valves at 6 grand and need more volume, why ?

...Or am I just too tired, it is 1:44 a.m.

Cheers MIke
mikenson":9ahmxtxj said:
...Or am I just too tired, it is 1:44 a.m.
Miklos, we were discussing a WATER pump. Time for Kyle to fetch your pipe and slippers.

But yes, I agree that the need for HV oil pumps is not very great. If you are running a large oil cooler and forced induction - maybe. On a stock engine, they can drink the sump dry. Guess where it all ends up? :roll:

Regards, Adam.
There is no "high Performance" water pump made for a ford SIX.

BUT there is a "better" pump. Addo's got it. It is Ford's water pump used on air conditioned engines. It is easily identifiable by the plate riveted on the the impeller vanes. It is supposed to circulate more water for better cooling.

If you need a short pump, order a '68 AC pump. If you need a long pump, order a '78 AC pump.

Good Luck

When I worked at Clifford we used to make high performance water pumps. You might call them and see if they have any left. I do not know if they do as they threw away tons and I littlerly mean tons of stuff when they moved. Also, one does not need a High Volume Pump. What you need is a high pressure pump. If you use a high volume pump and do not run a bronze distributor gear, you will tear the stock gear up as well as the camshaft. Running a high pressure oil pump will not cause that to happen. They may have some of those as well because we used to do that also back in the day, but then they may have been thrown away as well. Hope this helps.
The japanese pump addo is talking about is probably GMB brand. We get a lot of pumps by them at our shop. I doubt the catalog lists them but I may check someday.