Don't know where else to go for this puzzler....




I'm running a Chevy 250 and have been having problems starting the engine recently. I changed the starter and remote starter to no avail.

In that (very poor) picture, the kill switch no longer works, however, both terminals (I thought one is positive and the other is negative???) are still putting out 12v. I layed out everything on the picture.

I would like to get rid of the kill switch(might be the root of the problem). The OD 12v is not a problem to relocate. But the bulk connection is what worries me. With it not plugged, the engine will not start. So I know I need it connected. But it's only 2 wires and am not sure what to do with them.

This is a great explanation, but with no kill switch. so I am bewildered lads...

Sometimes frayed wires can keep a car from starting. It takes a lot of juice to turn an engine over and if too many strands of the wire are broken, the starter won't turn at all, even though you will still get a reading of 12v going to the starter. This is mainly between the battery and solenoid, and between the solenoid and starter. Just something to check.
I replaced one that got cooked(had the ignition on for a few seconds to see if it will turn over then I noticed some smoke signals...holy S!!) It had cooked right where the splice was done using those plastic sleeves(sp)...hmmmmmm

So I went ahead and changed that one and the rest just in case. I'm hoping that fixed it.

Is it ok to use the kill switch for juice even though it doesn't work nomo?

Thanks for yer response homes...