Dual Exhaust Options...Mufflers too


I have my Dual outlet Clifford headers (bought not from clifford).

I'm not wondering about running the exhaust. I was looking at buying a GT V-8 dual exhaust and just having a muffler shop custom attach it. Does that sound like a good option?

How do Turbo mufflers sound?


If you ask me, turbos sound great. I'm running true duals with just generic $25 turbo mufflers on it from a local shop and it sounds great. Even had a Chevy owner mistake it for a V8. 8)
That's not saying much considering the average intelligence of a Chevy owner ;)

LOL... I agree with most people here. Turbo mufflers sound the best on the six for the money. I bought Borla mufflers, which I think made it sound totally awesome witht he camshaft I had..
I have turbos on my y-pipe duals. I'll never forget my firend's reaction when we picked it up from the exhaust shop. "Wow! That sounds good!!!" Not too many words, but its still a good comment coming from someone who's not really into the car hobby.
Can't wait to get those 6-2 headers and saw that Y off. That should sound good. 8) :eek: